Dear Babe/Best girl,

Happy Monthsary!💗 I know I have said this multiple times, but I really mean it, thank you for coming into my life. Thank you accepting me for who I am. Thank you for letting me be vulnerable with you. Thank you for being this cute little ball in my life. I am excited and happy to share this first milestone of many with you!

I have lots to say, but what I really want you to know is that I really enjoy being with you, and every second spent with you just makes me so content with life. I really can’t ask for a better girl, and I promise you that I will always give you my best. Thank you for being my pillar of support, thank you for sharing new memories with me, thank you for being my girlfriend. I really wish that we had more time in SG together, although we can’t, but I will treasure the time we have together, and I am certain that we will make this LDR work and we will be reunited in no time! We may be separated physically but our love will not be! Longing makes the heart grows fonder and we will be even more loving when we are back, hehe.

I hope that you enjoy the gift, the heart represents our unwavering love, and the infinity represents the never ending love and fire of both of us. I chose to get it as a necklace so that you can wear it on your neck, and keep it closer to your heart.

It is luck from my past life that I got to know you, but it is on me to keep you. I hope that you have enjoyed this day I had planned out for you, there will be more to come!


Your big bear 🧸,


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